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We meet in the space of expertise and potential, two hundred years
of experience shared among us.


Together, we build. Following the vision of Founder Scott Taylor, his teacher and the teacher who taught him, our team is shaped by an intuitive reverence, dedication to craft and unwavering attention to detail.


What we create is not style, but a connection to understanding what it takes for a tree to grow—that rare form which is pure nature and life and promise. It shapes us, as we shape it. An honorable exchange we pass on for generations to come.

At 18 years old, Scott Taylor set out. Following his instincts, he came to the understanding that a tree’s life runs so deep it crosses through time and each person who experiences its nature. Scott’s intuition grew into devotion, which led him to the heart of Idaho in 1982.

After lending his craft to several carpentry positions around Wood River Valley, a friend asked Scott to help build a home. During the following years of construction, Scott’s love of wood, and the beauty of simple, true things, inspired him to open his own shop in Hailey, Idaho in 1998.

Today, Taylor Woodworks is regarded among the finest craftsmen. Scott and his team partner with the most discerning interior designers, homeowners, architects and general contractors to build both custom installations and custom pieces. Through his signature work, Scott shares the essence of a tree’s life as it finds a new form.